Virtual Reality - Active Experiences:

These are mainly fail-less open ended programs where you can explore an environment. You usually explore with key presses but with some you can control where you go with where you look or by tilting your head forward.

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works in direct mode - free.

Screenshot 2015-01-26 19.24.32.png

This one can be downloaded with the Oculus software and is a great place to start- walk around a villa inside and out- seagull sounds, butterflies and seeds flying in the air, crashing waves by the balcony, a roaring fire in the house. A good way to get used to the experience and how it all works. Arrow keys to move so you can move the pupils around yourself or let them do it if they are able.


Works in direct mode, free.

Screenshot 2015-01-26 23.14.25.png

This is amazing. Fly over a mountain landscape directing your travel by where you are looking. There are key presses to 'boost', to slow down and to look around without changing direction, which could be used to assist the users experience. You can also dip in and out of the water and I find this a truly amazing experience, and quite calming (as long as you are not heading straight for a cliff- but even then you just bounce off!)

For pupils with limited head movement this would be a good subtle way for them to 'fly', for pupils without subtle head movements it would be a good way for them to learn to focus on their movements.

It is a truly awesome experience.
There is also a 'Medieval Town' part as well- which is a bit busier and would require greater control of the head- but still a great experience.
Screenshot 2015-01-26 23.53.09.png


DIrect mode- Free.

Walk around a plain and look at the dinosaurs! The dinosaurs are pretty static- they only move while standing still- so it's not scary in any way- great experience.


Alien Desert

Works in Direct Mode- Free.

Not sure why this is called Alien Desert as it looks just like a normal desert! You start off by the side of a sand dune- if you walk up this you come to an oasis pool that you can walk into, past the reeds and you can look up at the trees and the cloudy sky as the sound of the wind is blowing around you. You can also walk to the pyramid in the distance- but it's quite far and not that exciting. The desert goes on for ages and is really, well, desolate too!

Simple directional controls and a nice easy experience.

alien desert.png

Lava Inc

Direct to Rift Free.

This is a rollercoaster experience through a lava factory. It's not completely passive though as you control your speed through tilting your head forward. There is one part where you have no control and it goes fast but this is a quite a way in- so the pupil can control it themselves for a good while. Really good graphics.

lava inc.png

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