Virtual Reality- Passive Experiences:

These Virtual Reality programs are all passive experiences- by this I mean the program takes you on a journey or shows you things- the user just has to look around them to experience it.
These are highly motivational and excellent experiences that require no key or switch presses by the user.
They are more like the 'sensory' experiences that we are used to giving pupils in sensory rooms and use lights, sounds and perceived motion.

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Sightline: The Chair

Direct to Rift Mode- Free.

This is a very versatile one to start with. There is a slow run through of all the different scenes or you can move through them yourself. There is also a quick access option to the space one.
Basically you are sat in a chair and get taken on a visual journey from a room to a psychedelic light show to a grassy canyon to a forest to a town to a skyscraper and then to a room and finally to space. The skyscraper and town can be a little scary- as a car crashes in front of you (empty) and you end up falling off the skyscraper but the other scenes are great- you can use the options to get to the scene you want and then stay in it as well- which is great for selecting one for students.
I think this offers great visual sensory environments and also opportunities for verbal children to be encouraged to describe where they are and what they can see- as you move your head around the scene changes in the run through version.

The space part:

chair space.png

The strange lights part:

chair ighjts.png

The grassy mountain part:

chair canyon.png

Over The Alps

Direct to Rift- Free

A lovely experience- you are in a hot air balloon floating over the alps. You can move the controller to move you around the basket- to peer over the side if you want but that's it- relax and take in the scenery. There is also a menu so you can change the landscape- river, town, valley etc. Really nice gentle floating experience and good graphics too. A good one to start with.

over the alps.png


Direct to Rift Free

Oh my goodness. You think music visualisers look good on a flat screen then try them in 3D! This program has 32 different graphics that respond to the music that is playing on your computer. It is really awesome- for a music and visual sensory experience it is out of this world!

visir one.png
visir two.png

Celestial Song- Angel of the Earth.

Direct to Rift Mode- Free


As the title suggests this one gets a bit trippy. It starts off with a lovely detailed float through space- look around and see planets, moons and asteroids fly past. Then after 2 mins 30 seconds it goes into a fractal tunnel and plays nice relaxing music! Watch this video and you'll have an idea.

The fractal tunnel is very visual! I think this would seriously engage for short periods- possibly too much for a long experience. One of our PMLD pupils absolutely loved this one- smiles, vocaling and tracking the headset when it was taken off her head. Yes she can get similar experiences in our light room or in class with the lights off but this enables an instant immersive visual sensory environment whereever she is- and when time is short the set up is easy.

Dinosaur Land

Direct to Rift Free

This one puts you in a duck amphibious craft and takes you on a short drive through a jungle and river where there are different dinosaurs- just sit back and look around you. The information that pops up is really hard to read but a great experience.



I've got to put a section on rollercoasters- they are one of the big 'Wow!' experiences on the Oculus. You know you are not actually moving but your stomach goes and your body moves from side to side as your brain tells you you are zooming along the tracks and down drops.
A great experience for pupils to have- especially those with physical disabilities who may never have been on a fairground ride. I would be wary of putting pupils on this who can't easily indicate preferences.

Here are a few nice ones.

Unlock the World

Direct to Rift- Free

This is a great rollercoaster that takes you past a load of world monuments like the Sphinx, London Eye and the Great Wall of China (so it's educational- right?). Great graphics and a great ride - it is quite realistic and stomach churning too.

world coaster2.png


Direct to Rift- Free

This is a minecraft themed rollercoaster, it's not too harrowing as the graphics are very blocky and cartoon like so you don't think you are in the real world- though there are some big drops!


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